Season Info/Tryout Info

Tryouts have now passed, please email us for alternative joining info.

Marshals Cheer & Dance Teams

Showguns Tiny Level 1 - Rec

5 years and younger

Navy Junior Level 1

14 years and younger

Pretty Bullets Sr Level 4

10 years and older

Baby Bullets Mini Level 1

8 years and younger

Sheriffs Jr Level 3

14 years and younger

Detectives Youth Lvl 1

11 years and younger 

Colonels Sr Coed Lvl 2

10 years and older

Generals Intl Coed Level 5

14 years and older

Everybody encourages each other, they are one big happy family. The coaches look after and respect all team members, making sure they learn new skills in a safe environment.

Diane Moggridge


Payment Information

We do not accept cash payments, all monthly fee payments (£66) are done via automated payment, your card linked to your bank account is debited monthly. How we take payment works just like how you would pay for Apple Music, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.Your card details are entered into Stripe, our payment service provider, which sends instructions on the 1st of every month to debit your card for a monthly fee of £66 until June 1st. Just like the above reputable companies mentioned, you do not have to sign anything, and can cancel at anytime; by request to us (the company), or by going into your bank. Please be sure to have provided us with your debit/credit card at tryouts /and or before the 1st September. All other payments are accepted online via BACS, details are as follows: Marshals Cheer & Dance | Sort Code 20-67-90 | ACC 83340759

FAQ – What is the upfront fee for?
This fee isn’t specific to one particular thing/item. We require this payment upfront to cover things like the following, but not limited to just these things. Athlete insurance, public liability insurance, Coaches DBS checks, Coaches exam fees, Coaches competition passes, training/courses such as first aid and child protection, Coaches accommodation/travel, software subscriptions that help us run the program, such as Stripe. Marshals Cheer & Dance Coaches volunteer their time to coach, with that said its important that any expenses or anything needed to help do their job and run the club is covered.




Tryout Fee

£15 July


Monthly Fees

£66 Sept – June



£35 Nov


Comp Jersey

£35 Dec


Training Kit

£60 July



£15 Each


Music Contribution

£25 Nov


'M' Socks

£8 Jan



£6 per session


Upfront Fee

£100 Aug


Comp Uniform

£150 Nov
2nd hand available for cheaper


Comp Bow

£18 Dec


Cheer Camp

£25 Dates TBC


Dagenham Park Leisure Centre
School Rd, Dagenham
RM10 9QH




No Classes



Baby Bullets 5.15-6.30pm
Detectives 6-8.30pm
Colonels 7-9.30pm/7.30-10pm



No Classes




Baby Bullets 5.15-6.30pm
Sheriffs 6-8.30pm



Tumble Class 6.30-8pm
Level 5 Development 6.30-8pm





Pretty Bullets 6-8.30pm
Stunt Class 7-8.30pm



No Classes





ICC Peterborough

23rd February 2019


Cheer City Leicester

22nd – 23rd June 2019


BCA Guildford

1st – 2nd June 2019


ICC Blackpool

20th – 21st July 2019

General Policies 

• Only cheerleaders/dancers and coaches are allowed inside the gym/studio.
• If you need to speak with your team’s coach about an issue please speak to them before or after practice, not while they are coaching.
• Practices maybe changed or added at any time during the season.
• Withholding an athlete from practice or a competition should never be used as a form of punishment. You are not only punishing your child, but every other child on that team.
• We will do our best to work with your extra-curricular activities. However, if another extra-curricular coach refuses to work with our mandatory practices or competitions, you may have to make a choice.
• No one is allowed to make any items such as clothing, accessories, etc. with “Marshals” “Marshals Corp.” “Marshals Cheer and Dance”, or our logo, or any derivative of our name without approval.
• Be sure to check the website daily as well as Facebook, Whatsapp, and your email.
• Tattoos or piercings should not be shown at competitions.
• No one is allowed to post any Marshals music, videos, or routines on any sort of website, message board, Social Network i.e.- Facebook/Twitter etc. or chat room.
• Athletes must always wear hot pants/cheer under garments and a sports bra underneath their clothing. Any additional clothing including (jogging bottoms, jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.) must be put away safely to the side, not out in the gym.
• NO JEWELLERY AT ALL! Wearing jewellery of any kind could result in an injury.
• Fingernails must be kept short and smooth.
• The Marshals Staff may change, add or subtract any rule at any time.

General Code of Conduct
• NO GOSSIPING about any other teams, kids, coaches and staff.
• No swearing or abusive language.
• All Marshals cheerleaders and Marshals family/friends need to be respectful to other programs and show good sportsmanship at all times.
• NEVER post any negative comments about any athlete, team, or our Marshals program on any
websites, chat rooms, social networks or message boards. If this is a problem, your child could be removed from the program with no refund.
• There will be no arguing or questioning the decision of the coach.

Punctuality and Absences
• You are not punctual if you are not on the practice floor ready when your practice begins.
• All absences must be cleared in advance with your coaches.
• Keep in mind we cannot have productive practices with even one child missing. This is a commitment and absences cannot become an issue.
• You must let your coaches know if you are ill and will not be at practice.
• Unexcused punctuality and absences from a competition may result in immediate dismissal from your team.
• Holidays must be submitted in writing to your head coach at least 30 days in advance.
• Competitions are completely mandatory! The only excuses accepted for missing competitions are major illness and funerals.

• All athletes must have their hair and makeup competition ready at their designated meet time.
• All athletes must be dressed appropriate at all times, never wearing your uniform unbuttoned and unzipped arms not approproately in the sleves etc.
• You must wear your cheer shoes when in uniform, no sliders!
• At no time at a competition should you be wearing any sort of jewellery.
• All cheerleaders are encouraged to stay at the same hotel for weekend competitions.
• Any team member under the age of 16 must have supervision at every competition.

Parents need to note that cheerleading is a highly competitive and physical sport and the skills involved such as stunting, jumping, and tumbling could lead to injuries. These include but are not limited to bruises, pulled or strained muscles, torn or strained ligaments, broken bones, dislocations, paralysis or even death. We at Marshals take every precaution to limit these injuries. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent all injuries. In the event that your child is injured we will take every necessary step to ensure your child is looked after properly. Competitive cheerleading is a very strenuous sport; therefore all of the athletes in our program are expected to be in top physical condition. This includes flexibility, strength, and endurance. We will have specific conditioning and strength building exercises to make sure our athletes takes all precautions to avoid injury.

Substance Policy
All team members are expected to take care of their bodies. If you are under 18 absolutely NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS. If you are over 18 No drugs what so ever! No alcohol on the weekend of competition/night before and on the day of competitions and practises. No smoking or drinking in Marshals uniform or clothing. If anyone is caught breaking any of the above they may be immediately dismissed from the program.

Parents and Relatives
All parents are expected to represent the Marshals program with excellence, we expect you to lead by example. The use of swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated while in any Marshals clothing. This is not limited to competitions but anywhere public that people are able to acknowledge you are a part of the Marshals family. No one is allowed to make contact through the parent viewing area during practices. This is extremely distracting to all athletes and makes our job extremely difficult. It is the parent’s responsibility to get the correct information from their child’s coach or team representative regarding practices, competition, etc. All team practices will be closed to spectators during the week prior to competition. The coaches reserve the right to close practices for spectators at ANY time for ANY reason. Parents, relatives, friends and cheerleaders are NEVER allowed to speak with competition officials or competition companies for any reason. Doing so could result in immediate dismissal from the program without a refund. Parents are never allowed to represent Marshals Cheer & Dance under any circumstances concerning accommodations or competition companies. Doing so could result in immediate dismissal from the program without a refund. Please do not ask your child to do skills that the coaches themselves have not asked them to do to help prevent injury to your athlete. If there are any questions or concerns with your team, please contact your coach first.